Will there ever be an alpha flood?

Now with the flood having thruster packs you’d be lucky to get more than 8 kills a round

most likely yes but later on.

A little twist, but what if Alpha flood gave you almost the same amount of health as a regular Spartan

Pistol would be 5sk. Shotgun…well it will kill like a shotgun lol

Alpha flood need to have a distinct appearance though.

I had a lot of fun with the zombie mode in Reach with all the multikills, the crazy spots, and the overall adrenaline that comes with last man standing. I’m not really feeling it with H4’s flood though. I wish they could all have infinite sprint, but no shields and definitely no armor abilities. Just classic zombies, but with the flood…oh yeah.

Lol i bet you wouldnt write that post if you were infected a lot in reach