will there ever be a HALO:ODST 2?

Do you ever think there will be a second ODST game. I would like to think so just because I would like see what happens to them after the events of new Mombasa. How many of you would like to see a second ODST game?

I have been wanting ODST 2 and Halo Wars 2 for so long. I enjoyed everything about ODST, was a nice change of scenery and playstyle. I had so much fun just roaming around unlocking caches or just sight seeing. Plus there was Fire Fight.

It’s a common fan request, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s inevitable.

Yeah I would really like a ODST 2 and a halo wars 2 but in the future cause 343 has their hands full right now

Yeah Halo wars was brilliant too. Hope they both get a sequel at some point.

their was a teaser of halo wars 2 possibly in the phantom dust trailer

I could definitely do both games. ODST’s drama hasn’t had much of an equivalent, plus that soundtrack was bloody brilliant.

They’re probably waiting for the right time, idea etc. ODST really was the sum of its parts, without that specific soundtrack, that plot, that level design it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as memorable. With all of that in mind it’s hard to do a sequel without just copying it. Being alone, searching for things in an empty city, that is a core part of what made ODST great. If they do it again many will probably criticise it as being lazy and unimaginative.

They should make an RPG ODST game. Like Mass Effect. Just replace everything Mass Effect with Halo.

You know what I’d rather have than a Halo: ODST 2? Halo 2: ODST.

(see what I did there. But it still makes sense)

I know that many people we liked Halo 3: ODST, for me it would be although it reassess a new.

Looking at nightfall, I think we might have a great opportunity coming up…

Halo: ODST was (and still is) my favorite Halo game. The campaign was brilliantly moody – and had some amazing allegories to “The Divine Comedy.” Not to mention having the complete Halo 3 multiplayer (still the best Halo multiplayer) made for the perfect package.

While I would like a sequel, I doubt it would ever touch the original. Halo multiplayer today is still fun in its own way, but very different. Halo 3 multiplayer was the peak of Bungie’s original formula. Not to mention it would be near impossible for any composer to top Marty O’Donnell’s score!

the halo 3 anniv. well the master’s collection be’ll same to the original?

me too wait halo wars 2

I think they will in the future, but not this year, because of Halo 5, but if they do have time they will make another one. Unless Bungie decides to secretly make ODST 2 and release it to the public, but the chances of that is really really really low. Just imagine that :smiley: in and all I do think they will IF there is another tragic thing, like in Halo 2 when the cruiser jumped inside New Mombasa in ODST you were dropping into the fight but missed it. If Halo 5 has another thing like that, then chances are they will make another ODST, but with a new Gunnery Sargent (Possibly Rookie) and a whole new crew, because Buck later becomes a Spartan in the new Halo novel.

AT THE END OF THE DAY… I think they will make another ODST

The first one was called halo 3 ODST but when bungie made reach after that they sold the whole halo franchise to 343. So i am saying there wont be another halo ODST game.

Not sure, but yes, it would be fun if they did make it!

That would be extremely exciting, and Buck might return in Halo 5: Guardians as a Spartan-IV (heard of Halo: New Blood?).

I would love one… I think it’s possible but doubtful considering how ODST was so unsuccessful back in the day. Perhaps if the remastered version of ODST raises some awareness we may see a sequel.