Will there ever be a 343i ap for my iphone?

I allready have the bungie ap but… since 343i is now in controt it would be nice to have one from them. I would do indecent things if i heard news of one.

Unsure. In my personal opinion, I don’t think they’ll make one. They are an official Microsoft company after all, and they want some “perks” for their Windows Phone. Not sure if they’d contribute any effort to making an iOS app.

That would be disapointing if they didnt.

Since 343 is a Microsoft company and Apple is the competitor, no.

Keep an eye out. I wouldn’t doubt it if the Waypoint app made its way onto another OS from WP7.

The MicroSoft v. Apple argument doesn’t hold any weight as MS has apps on iOS already. MicroSoft’s Photosynth is an app I wish the WP7 had. It is an awesome little thing, that photosynth.

> Since 343 is a Microsoft company and Apple is the competitor, no.

I wouldn’t rule it out, seeing that Bungie was developing their app for iOS devices while under Microsoft’s house. It’s only a matter of time before we get some sort of 343i iOS app. If the community demands it enough, it’ll come.

Is this possible? Seriously nobody is buying Microsoft phones and the next gen won’t sell either. MS is too far behind the curve and only gets 1.6% of the market. That won’t change much when they put their 7.5 OS on Nokia’s either.

Thank you for your time.

before you posted this, this was on the front page :wink:

It is possible maybe they’ll announce something soon.
I wouldn’t say no one is buying the WP. The WP does have a long way to go though but so did the original xbox and see how well it is doing now. :slight_smile: