Will there be splitscreen? Ever in Halo 5

In the beta Holmes promised this…

I really hope so but I don’t know. Seems like it would be set up perfectly for a 4 player split screen.

Yes, we are 3 brothers and my friends come over frequently… 4 screen would be great! #Halo5Splitscreen

its not going to happen.

You can try Battleborn and upcoming Gears 4 for 2-player split screen. Left4Dead 1 and 2 are backwards compatible. CoD has some decent split screen action. Same for Master Chief Collection.

But hoping for H5 is just going to leave you disappointed.

Doubtful, also there is an official split screen thread somewhere…

Maybe Halo 6, I doubt 5 will get it

Hi im The split screen thread please feed me.

NO THEY CAN’T DO IT if 343i said they can’t do it they can’t, the whole engine is built arund staying at 60fps at all times so they would have to build a completely new engine for the game