will there be real clans in Halo 4?

Hey everyone,

I posted this in the Halo 4 discussion thread, but then saw this and thought it might be a better palce.

I was wondering if there has been any talk about a real clan system for halo 4. Me and my friends are really sick of MW3 and their BS, but I’m not sure they would all be willing to switch over unless there is real clan support. Reach was fun, but got boring since there wasn’t clan support and armor upgrading was completely pointless.

Has anyone heard anything about clans?


But you’re idea is good. Halo 2’s clan system worked well. Reach clans are more famous than ever. Having an easy clan system would make things easier.

That’s really too bad. I’m surprised that more games don’t try to cater to clans, since people always seem to want them.