will there be more?

So, 15 years of Halo is amazing, but what about more? We all know Halo 6 will probably be last Halo, but it doesn’t have to stop there. What I’m trying to say is there’s more than just the Master Chief’s saga, Halos Reach, ODST, and Wars were fantastic. We could have a game where you play as a marine, a Covenant Elite, another ODST game, there’s so much more!
So what do you think, 15 more years?

Absolutely there will be more OP:

If Steve is geared up for another 15 years of Halo, you can guarantee we really are just getting started :wink:

I think Bonnie Ross said that after Halo 6 they won’t use numbers anymore so I think there will still be more Halo in the future. I think one issue is that I remember reading rumors of Steve Downes (MC’s voice) might be wanting to retire so 343 would either have to get a new voice or move forward with a different character.

At the very least, they could go up to Halo 7. A bit of an extreme stretch, but I find that the 7th installment of any game series tend to be extremely good.

Final Fantasy VII is one such example.

How about Halo 117 or Halo 343