will there be more of an emphasis on vehicle combat in multiplayer?

Hey, will vehicles be returning in multiplayer? It sounds like a dumb question now but what I mean is will Slayer Gametypes and 4 v 4 playlists have maps that incorperate some of the “lighter” vehicles? In Halo: Reach I primarily played Slayer/smaller, 4 v. 4 gametypes. I feel as though Reach’s multiplayer was lacking vehicle combat and that was why the pace felt slower than other Halo’s. For example, while Halo 3 had maps like Sandbox, Standoff, Valhalla and Last Resort in its Slayer variants, Reach has closer, round-a-bout arena style maps (Countdown, Powerhouse, Zealot, etc). Of course I’ve played BTB and Invasion, and while some may argue that is what I should play if I want vehicle combat, I feel that some Warthog/Mongoose/Ghost action in Slayer would NOT turn the gametype into a disaster. To me, what keeps Halo fresh and unique is its user friendly vehicles (Unlike jets in BF: 3; Impossible for me) and its variety of other “toys.” It also seems like the perfect time, with new Forerunner goodies and a brand new Trilogy to throw some Forerunner operateable “vehicles”, as well.

I have full faith in 343. So far I’ve been nothing but impressed and impatient to get my hands on Halo 4.

I really hope so.
Dont get me wrong. Im all fine and dandy with arena style gameplay.
But there is something special about a good BTB game.

There’s nothing wrong with Arena maps or MLG or CQB style maps, but I mean when you take Halo 3’s out-of-the-box maps (Guardian, The Pit, Narrows, Valhalla, Sandtrap, High Ground, etc.) there was way more variety as opposed Reach’s. I’m not saying every map needs to have vehicles or that one style of a map is better than the other, but with Forge and a lovely (albeit fighting) community it seems easy to throw some light vehicles into Slayer again.

It’ll all come down to how the maps are designed. If they’re like Reach’s, being the big arena maps, then not really.

Some of the best times I’ve ever had in Halo involve the H3 beta in which you could have 4V4 matches on Valhalla.

I liked medium-sized maps that featured vehicular combat… and I hated Reach’s vehicle mechanics.

No news yet, but i hope they do