will there be more map packs for halo CEA ?

will there be more map packs for halo cea ?

personally i thought there where too little on halo Anniversary , the original halo had more maps but the maps in halo reach and the other halo games where based on halo CE so you wouldn’t have to remaster them all

but i would like the map Boarding Action remasterd

because you would have a jet pack on bording action and i’f they won’t do halo 2 Annivery then they could take maps from that and make a new map pack

so you’d have something to new to do

halo cea isen’t going to keep me busy to the end of the year till halo 4

i’f played it about 50 time’s now and because the story isen’t new i’m getting bored or maybe it’s just me

what do you guys think ?

For Combat Evolved: Anniversary? No, unless 343 pulls a complete 180 and surprises us with more classic remakes that are superior to Forged ones.

Will we get future DLC before Halo 4: That’s strong possibility.


I think the Anniversary DLC was the last DLC for Halo Reach. All the focus is on Halo 4 now.