will there be firefight in halo infinite?

I’m just curious if firefight will be in halo infinite

as of now, there is nothing say there is and or there isnt.

No word either way makes me really feel like it will be,just because its such a staple at this point. If not at launch, almost certainly down the road at some point.

No official statement has been as far as I am aware of though.

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> I’m just curious if firefight will be in halo infinite

Unsure about Firefight, but if you’re interest is in some sort of PvE mode, 343 recently hinted that our multiplayer Spartans will have a bigger part to play in the Halo Universe as a whole. Of course, any further information as to what this really means is nothing more than speculative.

There is still no news on whether the upcoming Halo Infinite will have Firefight. Hopefully we will get some updates from 343 Industries either on August 2021 or September 2021.

Since we have not gotten any news about Firefight specifically, my best guess is that it won’t be available at launch. They will most likely add it later on as a free update since the mode is incredibly popular. They may have a different pve mode entirely which will be exciting to see.

Probably not at launch but I’d bet they’ll add it in later.

I really hope so! Even if not in launch, I would love some firefight again and hopefully some warzone!