Will there be different editions to Halo: CEA

Just curious if there will be a legendary edition for Halo: CEA or are they only doing one version?

i think just one it seems kinda late to announce another now u do get preorder bonuses

No. The only different “edition” you can get is if you preorder and you get the extra skull and some avatar stuff.

I’m seriously disappointed they haven’t done a special edition. Even ODST had one, they should have been making this into an event, but instead they seem happy to just let it slip out like any normal game. :frowning:

I’m fine with that.

Halo: CE slipped out like any normal game.

Just one edition I believe. The special edition to ODST just came with a controller, and something like that may still happen.

Halo CE was like a meteorite slamming into the game design community. :smiley:

I still have some of the magazines from around release, I’m going to scan and upload them closer to the release of Anniversary.

Oh Snap! I totally forgot, I was in GameStation the other day (large UK games retail chain) asking if they’d heard about any special edition controllers or anything, the guy got out their little book of pre-order info and they had pre-order info for:

Halo CE Anniversary


Halo CE Anniversary Combat Edition

My guess is it’ll be similar to ODST with a controller, they’ll announce at ComicCon this week. MS wouldn’t have announced it already as they’ll want everyone to buy the Gears 3 limited edition stuff.



I was so excited to only be spending $40.00 on this game.

But it’s Halo, so I kind have to get the special. >_>

The guys in the shop had no info on it whatsoever, all it had was the name, the release date and a code to type into the till for pre-orders (which I did, obviously).

I’d rather leave it at just the single edition. We don’t need special editions for everything

> I’d rather leave it at just the single edition. We don’t need special editions for everything

I do.

There’s no support groups for it, I’m just left to fight this addiction on my own and I am failing. :’(