Will there be a visible CSR in Halo 5?

Essentially the determining factor whether I will be purchasing it or not. Will 343 learn from their mistake or continue onward in the wrong direction…

Personally I don’t need one to help me enjoy the game, but if it helps keep a higher population then I’m all for it.

Whether it will lead to an increased population is pure specualtion though - it may just be a vocal minority on the forums calling for it.

Is this seriously being asked? Halo 5 is just barely starting development and a question like this is being asked?
Hold on, let me consult my future-sight for the answer… /sarcasm

Lol. Point being they missed the boat by excluding it in this game. And truth be told if you can read between the lines, they can’t even implement it in H4 if they wanted to. In case you havent noticed the online population is declining to near obscurity these days, and 343 has already tried nearly every ‘trick’ in their bag to remedy that (the infinity challenge, holding out playlists, time released free specializations). Fact is nothing will repair the population, not these gimmick’s, especially long term. The game needs to be fixed at its core, with becoming a competitive game once again.

And ps don’t laugh, Halo 5 will be out wayyyy before you know it. I fully expect this game to be under 25-30k peak pop in 6 months time, and you can expect Halo 5 to be on shelves roughly 6 months after.

Here’s hoping they dont screw it up