Will there be a shop in the campaign as well?

I mean it’s fullprice but we’re talking about 343i. I would bet that they will sell armor upgrades, vehicles,… in the shop and make them unobtainable during campaign.

Are there any infos about the campaign and how they monetize it?

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With the way things are going, its almost a guarantee at this point they will nickel and dime you any chance they get.

At some point I imagine you’ll be able to use your own Spartan in campaign or dlc type stuff so the regular shop will be the campaign shop.

It’s cosmetics only so I don’t care myself.

Complete the LASO campaign for only 199,99 $ this weekend.

They had best not do. Bad enough with the stupid premium battle pass and a broken challenge system but to force this onto the campaign would be just insulting.

don’t give them ideas. We still don’t know how we will be upgrading armor perks, so…

It wouldn’t surprise me the way they started this off, and if and when firefight is added, they will use it for that as well.

My concern is how much content is this game going to actually have vs the shop…