Will There Be a Halo 4 Forums on Bungie.net?

I was really eager to join a Halo 4 discussion on Bungie.net, the best site ever, until I suddenly realized that Bungie is not developing Halo 4, although 343 Industries is in almost composed mostly of former Bungie members. I have serious doubts that there will be a section in the Bungie.net forums reserved for Halo 4. I have followed discussions on Bungie.net since before Halo 2’s release and it’s just too nostalgic to abandon it!

No Bungie is done with Halo. They will start slowly locking every single thread related to Halo at Bungie and then waypoint will be the home for everything Halo.


Bungie is done with halo, they soon wont even have any halo game forms.

Nope, not a Bungie developed game. It’s ok, I’m cool with following Halo here. I kinda wish my ‘Exauted Member’ status follwed me :frowning: