will there be a forge in halo4??????

it has to be in halo4 its something i come to love in halo…

First off, we don’t know yet.

Secondly, this is the wrong sub-forum for this. This should be in the Halo 4 subforum, not the Halo Universe subforum which has to do with dicussing the Halo canon.

Halo 4 forum, I haven’t heard any confirmation.

I’m pretty sure somewhere in a one of the Weekly Updates, bs angel basically said that Forge is amazing and better than Reach’s by far.

It’s pretty much an established feature now. To not have it would be a huge blow to the fanbase

I bet there is, but maybe not called Forge - it’ll tie into the Infinity, I’d bet a dollar against a day-old donut. The notion of combat in MP taking place on a holodeck within the Infinity is ripe for custom mapmaking.

Edit: Probably shouldn’t be in Universe; Halo 4 sub-forum makes more sense.

This has been confirmed in the latest Game Informer multiplayer discussion video. There are no specific details as yet but it is confirmed to be “IN THE GAME”.

You can check this thread for accurate confirmations from official sources, checked by me and others in the thread.

Link to Nothing But Facts, Unbiased Confirms

343 hasn’t talked about it yet, but they have said that “when they talk about it we won’t be dissapointed”. In other words: it will be in the game. : )

why would forge not be in halo4? of course it will be.

Yes they confirmed it on the Game informer halo 4 wrap up video when they are out in the park talking,