Will there be a fire fight?

will there be a firefight


I sure hope so. There is a lot of potential. Have a different “boss” at the end of each set. Maybe bring in some of the campaign HVTs.

I’m hopeful, but I dont think 343 considers firefight “part of the core game”, anymore.
In other words, maybe in 3 years?
This is why people need to make posts and complain, repeatedly if necessary.
If no one complained last year, the game wouldn’t have been delayed, and it’s scary to think how much worse launch could have been.
If no one complains now, 343 wont fix or add anything.
That being said, I love and Miss teh Firefights, disappointed theres nothing in Infinite.
Not only nothing, but 343 wont mention their plans, or lack of, for future firefight.
Doesnt look good

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After they get all the other basic things in the game, if I were to give an estimation on how long itll be? 2 years at this rate.

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Gods, I hope so! I’m DESPERATE for some fresh PvE content with my friends, Gods!!

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i think we will see one, but maybe in 2023.

Forge Mode is rumored to have A.I. Scripting, so I think Firefight will make it’s return in Season 2, and then Season 3 would reveal our Forge Mode to allow us to make maps for PvP and PvE.

Link to those rumours?
Have you seen the scene from the movie “Spies Like Us”, where Chevy Chase pretends the microphone is broken after doing diplomatic triplespeak?
That scene is pretty much how 343 responds to firefight questions.
Forge might just have marine a.i.bots.
And that’s pretty cool.
But as for a firefight containing the best of its previous iterations, along with some new surprises, tested, flighted, and mtx’d…
Theres no way it’s coming in season 2,3, maybe 4.
And I doubt it will be ftp.
Edit- The movie scene