Will there be a budget increase in forge?

I’ve been making maps a lot, but most of the time my maps hit max budget pretty quickly…

I haven’t yet made a full fledged map, mostly just little ones and test maps for different concepts. I think I might start today on a map. Hope I don’t run into the issue you’re having.

The budget is huge in this Forge. I really doubt they’re going to increase it. Maybe you need to work on being more efficient with the pieces you’re using. I’m a little over halfway done with a to-scale Sidewinder remake, and I’ve only used a third of the Forge budget.

Forge limits are really large this time around (compared to H4)… maybe think of smaller items and then streamline a bit more… efficiency is KEY… easier to get around a map.

HAve fun though and I look forward to seeing a full map soon! :slight_smile:

I had a similar issue with my remake of Chiron TL-34, I used a ton of average sized wall pieces to make rooms and had no room in my budget to make cool lighting or visual effects. basically just go around your map and try to replace smaller pieces with large pieces that serve the same function like replacing two 2x24x24 wall pieces with one 2x48x24 primitive piece, or replacing all of your 4x24x24 floor pieces with one massive 2x96x96 primitive piece.(the moral of the story is use large primitive pieces) After optimizing your map, you may be shocked at how much leftover budget you have to work with.

Its probably as high as they can make and keep maps stable. its limited by the xbox 1

I’m alittle concerned for a map I’m building hitting budget quickly. I’m making Cairo Station from Halo 2 into 3 maps (because of size). I’ve put a lot of thought and planning into the pre-forge sketches and layouts. I’ve only built the start of the level (first room and hallway and I’m already at 200 something.
I’m going to do my best with using larger pieces but I won’t sacrifice detail. Really hope they max it to 2050, that would be ideal.