Will the weapon tuning make the game worse?

Personally,I 'm not a fan of what I’ve been hearing about the weapon tuning. From the sound of it, every weapon is receiving a buff, and the DMR is being slightly nerfed. There are 2 problems I see with this.

  1. Buffing and nerfing is extremely circular. The game is likely going to wind up even more unbalanced, and we are going to have to wait even longer for fixes, only for something else to end up broken. This isn’t to say that nothing should be fixed, but this drastic of a change is begging for things to go wrong.

  2. The gameplay is already too fast. Yes there are some things, such as sprint, that slow the gameplay down some (sprint also speeds up the gameplay as well though). But overall, with the insta spawns and random spawns, the gameplay can be pretty quick. With all the weapons being more powerful its going to make it even easier for the other team’s teammates to pick up 1 shot kills when you normally would have been 2, or for people to finish you off before your shields recover after you just killed them. Because the weapons will do more damage, melees and grenades that might not normally kill someone will suddenly start killing you.

As much as I’m not satisfied with the current state of the game, I can’t say I’m looking forward to the weapon tuning update either.

They should just buff all non-DMR/power weapons, forget the nerfs. Halo has become nerfed enough. We need faster kill times.

I feel as 343 realized putting 2 of almost the same gun was a mistake and now there putting the dmr on the back burner. After this update why would u want to use it? I mean come on even the carbine will be a better choice lol.

I have no problem with a dmr nerf, maybe I can go to btb again lol, and br should have been 4sk to begin with.

Also I think 343 heard the billion dmr rant threads, so I don’t know what to tell ya.

Not gonna like the vehicle buffs though lol

I think the OP raises a good point. I like this solution, http://yorichunt.wordpress.com/2013/04/18/why-343-have-got-the-weapon-balancing-the-wrong-way-round/

The weapons not receiving changes already proved themselves to work well in the overall pace the DMR sets. The only things being changed are to make everything keep up with the DMR. The only reason automatics are getting a buff is to both counter their difficulty, and to balance out against the extremely fast 7SK Carbine.

The game is not too fast. Sprint does not work with slow killtimes, allowing players to get away from battles. You don’t even need sprint sometimes, you can just stroll away from battle.

Making weapons faster doesn’t make the game easier. It just punishes you more for missing, as a missed shot is worth much more than a weaker shot.

The only thing that makes the game seem too fast is the instant respawns. It makes the game feel like you’re just constantly being assaulted by the other team, you can never really catch your breath and let your shields recharge. I don’t know how many times I’ve killed someone only to have them respawn and kill me back before my shields have time to go up. If they got rid of instant respawn and implemented the new weapon tweaks we would be all set.