Will The Platinum Master Chief Figure Be Available In Stores?

I can’t make it to the SDCC,and I don’t have a credit card (In fact,im only 17. I don’t have my own house yet so why would I have a credit card)? Well,I heard rumors you could buy it in stores after the SDCC,are they true? If they aren’t,im applying for a credit card so I can buy Noble Seven and P.M.C. online.

It’s supposed to hit stores in August. More info, should you be interested. :slight_smile:

You could always ask your parents, I guess you can’t in this case. You could also ask a friend who has one and pay him. That’s what some people do, they give me the money and I order what they want. I don’t have my name on the card but other than that it’s pretty much mine.

ToysRus offers sdcc exclusives online usually the following week after sdcc. They usually have enough to last a day or two online. One problem with ordering them online is sometimes TRU ships using bag mailers instead of boxes. This can be a problem if your collect mint on mint carded figures.

If you don’t have a credit card you can always buy a Master Card/ visa / American Express gift card at most grocery stores and 7-11s. A gift card acts just like a credit card with a limit of the purchased value. I use a reloadable card through walmart.