Will the Orion's (SPARTAN-I) get a real story?

SPARTAN-Is weren’t power armoured Spartans like their sucessers but a story on how they we’re augmented and the classified missions would be interesting to look into.

That would be interesting. Almost all Spartan I’s aren’t even known yet. It‘d probably be a Sgt. Johnson story and how he became the badass we know and love since he actually is a Spartan I

Maybe, but what new facet of the lore would it give us? They were soldiers recruited into a secret program to be augmented into super-soldiers, but the project was deemed a failure by ONI, because the augmentations weren’t as powerful as predicted, and the soldiers were returned to active duty after being ordered to absolute secrecy regarding Orion, and being dispersed into units of non-augmented soldiers. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for stories of missions for the Orion candidates. Any such story would have to be handled carefully to avoid creating contradictions with other established canon.

I dont think they should go into great detail when talking about the ORION project. Sgt Johnson being the one last living on with the shroud of mystery around it makes Sgt Johnson that much cooler. Especially since he lives even after everything he has been through.

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