Will the option to play as an Elite Return?

Does anyone know if Elites are confirmed for H5 Multiplayer? And if so, will it be like Halo: Reach where Elites had different abilities? That would be a really good idea, like replacing ground pound and spartan charge with something more in the style of an Elite.

No answer yet, if you want to talk elites there is a 9000 post thread :wink:

i hope not. too hard to find the heads i remember from Halo 3.

I really hope so, but I’m 99% positive 343 won’t bring that option back.

I hope they do, but I don’t think they will be selectable for standard modes such as slayer,CTF, etc. If they do make an appearence it will be in a separate gametype.

Unless they bring back some form of Invasion, i’m almost positive that option won’t be back.

I hope they do or at least bring them in certain gametypes like reach.