Will the Marathon refrences stay?

Anyone who played Reach, the most recent Halo game, will notice that all refrences to Marathon were gone. It wasn’t on the shield for difficulty, it wasn’t on the PoA, it wasn’t anywhere. When I saw the Marathon logo was replaced by 343 Guilty Spark on the CEA logo, I was very dissapointed.

The Marathon logo was an important part of Halo, and now it’s gone. And to people saying it was due to legal issues, four games got away with it (CE, 2, 3, ODST), the books got away with it by putting it on their cover, they even ported the game to XBOX 360. Why are legal issues a problem now?!

Am I the only one angry about this?

I think they won’t because Bungie still owns the rights to Marathon. However, they may still be there if you toggle the original graphics on.

It had to be replaced. The legal issues rest in the fact that Bungie allowed the other forms of media to use it because they owned Halo still. They will no longer own the series shortly.

Well think of how much 343 guilty spark looks like a marathon symbol.

They won’t, in case someone hasn’t noticed, the Marathon symbol has been taken away from the Halo Reach campaign shields as when Bungie was making it they no longer owned rights to Halo. We won’t see any in the Halo Anniversary except if we push the “classic mode” button.

From what I’ve read between the lines, the Marathon logo is being removed from a great many things. At least when in new-school mode.

I’m assuming that they will be there when playing with original graphics, but not with the Reach graphics.

I don’t understand why your so angry?? Your not going to get it now 'cause there’s no stupid secret logo on the cover??

Bungie owns Marathon, so 343 had to remove them due to legal reasons.
And they are a problem now because Bungie isn’t working on Halo anymore, so they have to stop using it.

The Marathon references won’t stay. A little awkard when there’s this: NameBright - Coming Soon and this: http://www.halopedian.com/File:PoA_logo.png.

> The Marathon references won’t stay. A little awkard when there’s this: http://www.halopedian.com/Forerunner_symbols#Reclaimer and this: http://www.halopedian.com/File:PoA_logo.png.

Which…is likely going to be easily covered up by using the new reskinned versions of the Pillar of Autumn and Keyes’ uniform from Halo Reach.

Not to mention that 343i could hide/remove the Marathon logo geometry for 343 GS’ eye by making it very bright much like in Halo 2 where the symbol was hard to make out if not outright gone.

That’s true. But I find the Forerunner glyph issue to be the hardest to rectify.

By the way, I know from myself that it can be compulsive, but you don’t need to quote everything here, this isn’t Bungie.net. :wink:

The whole Marathon trilogy was released as freeware in early 2005, so the chances of Marathon references staying in HCEA are actually quite good.

Just an interesting note, a symbol similar to the Marathon/Reclaimer symbol has been used in the Warhammer 40k IP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tau_(Warhammer_40,000). I don’t really think Bungie will mind 343i using of the Marathon symbol in Halo games, considering they’ve more or less allowed its use in another IP altogether, and the symbol is now part of Halo canon, as mentioned above.