Will the Mantis ever be added to Infinite?

Of all the vehicles that 343 has made, the Mantis seems to be the one that all fans agree was a very good addition to 4 and 5. Yet not seeing it in Infinite is a downer because it can still fit in the Sandbox with no issue whatsoever.

I mean the shield could work as a buffer on EMP weapons so it won’t be such an easy thing to stop, plus having a ground vehicle that can keep track of Banshees and Wasp easily will stop them from dominating a mao so easily.

So I hope to god that it will appear in a future update.


Assuming that the game even survives long enough, and assuming they’ll ever get on track with this supposed live service we’ve heard so much about. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’ll be added sometime down the line.
I’m not personally bothered one way or the other as I never enjoyed the Mantis very much.


I found the Mantis to be a great counter vehicle for air vehicles. The stomping motion too is pretty sick. Seeing it added into the sandbox would just continue to chaos and chaotic wonderful experience of this new 12v12 BTB sandbox.

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I’ve been saying this for months. It was weird that this was the one vehicle that should have returned. I could imagine a chopper whizzing by underneath it and just splinter its legs, but it does such a good job against aerial vehicles and has some measure of lethality against ground units too.

A year ago I would have said it for sure would be coming eventually, but with the content coming in like a leaky faucet filling an Olympic size swimming pool, I’m not so sure.

It is a slower moving large target, but less firepower than the tank. So it would be very vulnerable to emp and grapple. Some tuning would be necessary for it to for in infinite.

I’m wondering if 343 isn’t intentionally leaving out the Mantis to avoid a legal challenge from EA/Respawn- especially considering that infinite has a Grappler as an equipment option. With the advanced scripting capabilities of Forge, Titanfall game play could be potentially replicated.

The main question is…will anything be added to infinite? Lol

It’s more likely been excluded due to sandbox mechanics (like the Shock Rifle) making it a less viable option. Vehicles of any size already have issues with someone sitting in a corner on the other side of the map, two-tapping them and disabling them instantly (rest assured that this is more balanced than the Plasma Pistol, 343 pinky swears it). Imagine how badly a slow-moving Mantis would fair in this sandbox?

The other problem is that the Mantis is one of those vehicles that was a decent idea but fits like a banana amongst apples. It’s completely non-interactive with additional players, despite most UNSC vehicles having that function (Warthog, Mongoose, Scorpion, etcetera usually have a passenger - Wasp and Mantis are sole exceptions). It also doesn’t interact with physics either. While every other UNSC and Covenant vehicle can be flipped as a viable strategy for dealing with it, the Mantis cannot be flipped or otherwise played with in the physics portion of the game.

The final reason the Mantis was likely cut, is because the Tank does what it does, but splits the roles more evenly. The driver has access to the main cannon, the passenger has access to the MG. The Mantis unfortunately mixes the two together and the Mantis of 4 and 5 are extremely powerful. Plus it has a melee attack.

It being cut was likely for the better.

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Can’t disagree with this. Definitely has a SP role, but MP it isn’t balanced

it will be once they figure out that shock rifle needs to be a weapon to fight over, not to spawn with.

I hope it does. Mantis is one of the best things 343 ever did.

there should be a mantis for defenders in launch site, and a wasp for attackers at the start of each round

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Funny, I wasn’t really very interested in the mantis. There was already a vehicle that fit that role in the lore (cyclops.) Not trying to be contradictory, just noting that not all fans agree about it.

I would be much more interested in seeing the Falcon in Infinite, I really dislike the Wasp.