Will the Light Rifle disintegrate on release?

A small detail I noticed at PAX is that all Promethean weapons except for the Light Rifle would disintegrate enemies, scattershot, suppressor, binary rifle, incinerator, even the single boltshots.

It is a small thing to complain about, but I hope the LR disintegrates enemies(at least with headshots) when the final game is released. Don’t take this as a OMG 343 ruined it!!?! I understand it is a small aspect.

I just desperately want to be able to disintegrate several foes in a row with some well placed headshots. It would be great to send Grunts running while yapyap and friends fall to pieces. It would also make nailing headshots with it in SWAT oh so satisfying.

Overall I really love the effect and how it makes the Forerunner weapons feel very powerful without making them unbalanced in gameplay terms.

yapyap…yapyap died a long time ago)’:

But, hahahaha while I dont care I think YOU deserve to be disintegrating fools because you want to. Just don’t do it to me plz):

Hope so. Love that animation


Actually the Suppressor never disintegrated people. But it should! So put it on the list. It’s always satisfying when you see the flakes of ash flying away in the wind. It’s kind of like getting a full body shotgun shot in Gears with the explosion of gore… except… 100x less gory.

I disintegrate on release baby

Aye, it’s seemingly quite dissapointing to see that only the seemigly promethean power weapons can desintegrate.

No wonder the forerunners lost against the flood lololol.

Chief puts 3 consecutive headshots on grunts, they flake away in a horrifically beautiful cloud of golden ash.
Make for some epic screenies…

> I disintegrate on release baby

You sir have made my day xD

here I’m hoping they leave the disintegration with only Promethean weapons and the flag, this is coming from a machinima director and if all the bodies just flake away, that could give the machinima a more “wtf” look to it. especially when you need dead bodies to represent people sleeping, or sick on beds. I know i know, I sound like a total nerd and -Yoink!-, I’m just saying what I hope for the purposes I’ll be using halo 4