Will the Gauss Hog actually be in Matchmaking or are we being tricked again?

After seeing the Headlong videos showing a Gauss Hog on the map, I am getting very excited to play on it in matchmaking. However, I am wondering if the Gauss Hog will actually be there in matchmaking or are the videos just demonstrating what custom games will be like on this map?

Let me explain, in the Noble Map Pack trailer, it showed a scorpion and a banshee on tempest but they were never put into matchmaking. Then in the Defiant Map Pack trailer, it showed a Falcon and a Banshee on Highlands but they were Never put into matchmaking. I

I am wondering if it will be the same case for the Gauss Hog on Headlong. I hope not because it will just be a disappointment after getting everyone hyped up for this map. I hope someone will address this issue.

The reason we don’t see the gauss hog in matchmaking is because it can shoot through most of Forgeworld’s forge pieces…making it a broken vehicle on any Forgeworld map.
Headlong shouldn’t have those walls plastered around…sooo…who knows.

Seeing how they’re going to be adding in classic versions of all of these maps w/ their original layouts then the Gauss will certainly be appearing in Headlong, but maybe not Breakneck.