Will the frame rate be improved?

The one thing that annoys me playing Halo CE is that sometimes the frame rate dips to awful levels during hectic moments, resulting in difficulty with aiming and a negative effect on gameplay in general. I was wondering if this is going to be improved, even if just slightly, for the remake?

No doubt, if not why? I noticed that problem while playing CE myself. Theres no doubt in my mind that they’ll fix it it’s only logicall they do.

I hope so, it could make or break the game.

I believe so it was so annoying, in some spots.

> I believe so it was so annoying, in some spots.

Yeah, especially when there was a big explosion or lots of enemies.

The only 2 things that I want changed from the original(other then updated graphics and audio) is a frame rate improvment and for them to get rid of the glitch where a weapon merges through the map and all you can see is a black outline of the weapon and it keeps making a clicking noise.

The Xbox 360 has much better hardware than the original Xbox console that CE originally ran on. There shouldn’t be any frame rate problems at all.

If there was, I’m sure it would’ve been fixed.

In an unrelated comment, I noticed that Halo CEA has dynamic shadows from the first person view. They’ve finally upgraded the first person lighting effects from the other games! I’ve been waiting for something like that since Halo 3. :smiley:

*Since Halo CE, the first person lighting has been the same. Walk into a shadow and your whole weapon would just turn dark - Even if you only went partly into it.