Will The Flood Return in Halo Infinite?

I mean its pretty obvious but hey, who’s ready to annihilate the infection and face the nightmare in Legendary. So excited to see what awaits…

Yes, I’m so excited for the Halo ring. I loved ‘the library’, ‘quarantine zone’, ‘keyes’, ‘two betrayals’ and other missions. I really hope we get an iconic flood based campaign mission.

itd be really stupidly awesome to fight them again, and with a engine of slipspace’s calliber id imagine the detail on them would be pretty dang immense.

halo 2 spooked the heck out of me when i was who knows how old, id imagine thanks to their new appearances id be scared once more.

A lot of people are cautiously optimistic, but I’m pretty sure they’re coming back for a few reasons.

  • They’ve been absent from the main plot for 11 years. - Halo Wars 2 has teased their return. - We’re going to be on a Halo ring. - We’re probably going to be on ZETA HALO (the Floodiest place in the galaxy).