Will the flood return in halo 5?

Should Flood returning Halo 5?

I think so because it be pretty interesting if the forerunners had a full on war with the Flood. The flood took little part in halo 4. The forerunners need more action of their history the sides of them being taken over by the Didact. The flight should be a rejection of the covenant and the forerunners.
Who knows that the flood will return in Halo 5

Possibly. It is an enemy that the Covenant couldn’t destroy, or humanity and the Forerunners had to wipe out the galaxy to stop them. At the end of Halo 3, a Gravemind was destroyed but there are other installations with samples of the Flood on them.

I’m not sure if they will appear in Halo 5 but I doubt we’ve seen the last of them

I sure hope so. They are the mysterious/evil entity in the Halo Universe and add that sense of excitement and adrenaline to any campaign mission.