Will the flight be available in 3/4 h?

Or would be available in 3/4 h.(From now)

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> Or would be available in 3/4 h.(From now)

There is not an answer for this. And considering it’s 6am for 343 I highly doubt it will be available in that time frame.
All we have been told is it may be delayed and we will hopefully get an update sometime today.

I’m imagining it is gonna be more like 12+ hours from now and that’s without may significant delays, who knows. Last flight came up really late UK time so I had to play the following day.

I got invited to test for two weekends but not sure how you download the game on xbox one?

The flight is on hold at the moment as 343 are dealing with a late-game technical issue. No codes or emails providing access to builds are likely to be sent until decisions have been made and updates posted. The flight may or may not be pushed out, a delay is not confirmed until 343 provide updates. An update is likely to come out in the AM, 343 time [PST] with further details.

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