Will the Entrenched event ever return?

As the title suggests, will the Entrenched event ever return? I never completed much before leaving Halo Infinite due to the annoying grind. I’m coming back because of Forge though and was wondering if I could get these armors and helmets soon. Thanks!

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I had the same question. I left because the grind and desync issues, coming back for forge and I learned I missed an entire armor core. I thought the devs didn’t want FOMO? Or am I misremembering?

This game has very little to offer, so I am certain Entrenched will return in the future or at the very least the Armor Core + some of it’s items will be given away randomly at some point.

I highly doubt we’d see it for free outside an event. Maybe in the shop. But I don’t know if we’ll see the event return either anyway because it seems like they’re content to just move on.

It’s free regardless if it’s in an event or not. The Mark V [B] Armor Core was given away for free this Winter Update and just last year that Armor Core required a price to be paid in order to obtain it but the Entrenched armor did not require any purchase at all. So yeah… I can totally see 343 tossing us another swell “gift” of more free but recycled content in the form of Entrenched crap.

Just wait, the more mistakes 343 continue to make, the more stuff they will give away. It might be recycled content you saw last year or in previous Halo games but HEY it’ll be “gifted” to us for free!

Well, I wouldn’t 100% rule out 343 recycling the fractured events down the line in Infinite’s life, but I think for the moment anyway, the fracture events are meant to be exclusive to the season they run in. But I wouldn’t find it unlikely that at some point after 343 finally gives the store a much needed overhaul, that they offer bundles from the fractured events again.

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The Mark V armor wasn’t paid before, it was part of the free season 1 battle pass.

That Season 1 Battle Pass that was released last year was not free… it costed 1,000 Credits. The only free part was the typical “Free tier” that Battle Passes usually get and the Armor Core Mark V [B] was not included in the Free section… which is why they gave it away to everyone this Winter Update in the free 30 tier BP, otherwise giving us all that recycled and vaulted S1 content would be pretty useless…

So if 343 is willing to give out an Armor Core that required a purchase, then there is an incredibly good chance that possibly more Armor Cores will come back again at some point. (especially Armor Cores that are free to unlock during Events)

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You’re right, my bad. It was part of the paid tier.

Except all the S1 content is already useless to the people that already unlocked it? And honestly kind of a slap in the face to people that did since it wasn’t free before…

Yes. I agree. I feel like a portion of my 1,000 Credits spent on the S1 BP was kind of wasted because they took the most pivotal aspect of the Battle Pass, the armor core, and gave it away for free including the other 30-tier free Winter BP stuff that was really just more vaulted Heroes of Reach stuff cut from the S1 BP.

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I’ve said this before, but I bet they bring it back and add tiers to it. You then pick up where you left off.

The FOMO in this game is unreal. Armor cores, events, weekly rewards. All FOMO. And even wrongly implemented, because right now there are weekly rewards that many peopl already have and no alternative reward is offered.

343 should implement loot pools:
Regular loot pool for things like weekly rewards and battle pass items.
Event loot pool for events like Alpha Pack, Joint Fire Event, et cetera.
Fracture loot pool for Yoroi, Eaglestrike and whatever fracture cores will come in the future.
Holiday loot pool for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, et cetera.

Every season or year, these loot pools can have new items being added to it. This way the whole FOMO idea is gone because you can earn everything from previous events, fractures or weekly rewards and people can play all the time and earn something new.

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