WIll the Didact be in Halo Infinite

Since the Didact is in limbo right now, do you think he’ll stay like that or make his overdue return?

The didact’s potential was severely damaged from post halo 4. Those of you who know his backstory, understand just what a great villain he is. Really next level storytelling that makes Halo, Halo. Deep, original, powerful villain. I am sad when I think about what could have been.

The way I could see it go is if this whole time he was actually controlling Cortona, a lot of what she believes in is what he does.
Do you think we will see didact in Infinite or ever?

Maybe but his current fate is unclear in the comics.

Probably not, as much as I loathe Escalation, they at least gave a somewhat satisfying conclusion to the Didact.

I would be very much okay with him returning if it’s written in well–and especially if it makes a solid connection to Halo 4. In fact, my fantasy would be a story that virtually ignores Guardians as much as possible, and resumes the conflict that 4 originally framed.

There’s definitely a way to do that right and it would make coming out of 4 on MCC and going into Infinite a great experience.

Honestly I don’t see how they have him return without making people who only played the games very confused and annoyed. Needing to read books or comics in order to understand the games was one of the main criticisms of 4/5, so hopefully 343i has learned their lesson and will make Infinite based on the games only.

Heck, even if they introduce stuff from Halo Wars 2 they will need to be careful as most people who buy Infinite will not have played HW2 (including myself) so they will need to find a way to explain them in-game.