Will the covenant speak english?

So, my question is will the covenant speak English like in ODST or their language like in Reach?

I think that their English dialogue is funny in ODST, but in Reach, it just seems more natural for them to speak in their language.
I know it’s not a big deal for me because I am a multiplayer fan, but I find it annoying when they know our language.
(This made no sense)

I am pretty sure the covies will be speaking their native tongue. I could be wrong.

I think Cortana can make a translation through Chiefs helmet.

It should be optional in the spartan hub settings right?

I think they should have a skull that lets them do so.

  • If you didn’t know the original voice of the grunts stayed with Bungie so even if the grunts can speak they wont have as funny voices, well IMO.


Well in the E3 demo you can hear a grunt yell ‘Demon’, so they could be speak English.

IMO i liked it when they speaked english.

Well, the grunts had the most hilarious lines in previous titles. Compilations of those were awesome. Let’s hope that the IWHBYD skull returns for such laughs.

I hope they speak in their tongue again, with maybe some words being translated by Cortana and such. IWHBYD is a great idea for full english translation though!

I kinda like it when they speak English. Yes, it’s much more realistic when they speak their own tongue, but even after Reach I’m so used to them speaking English (HaloCE-ODST)

But either way, I’ll be ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the way it was in Halo CE, Grunts spoke English so you could hear them scream and beg when you killed them, Elites didtheir wort worts, Jackals made their screeches, and Hunters made their deep, guttural grunts.

I hope they don’t speak English. They seem more deadly that way.

I hope they speak in English.

I don’t understand why Mass Effect and Gears of War get to have English speaking aliens…

Sure the Elites were poetic in Halo 2 and Halo 3. But it was so much better than Elites trying to speak in English (Reach).

I’d accept it if the Elites said only a few things and it was dissimilar to English like in CE. But the ones in Reach were blabbering so much I couldn’t help but get rid of them. There was NOTHING memorable about what Reach Elites had to say.

Or just bring back the CE Elite voice actors. That’d satisfy.

If I ask them for a cup of tea: then I hope to get a response that shouts “yes demon”.

The grunts resemble some english as I remember them saying “Something something Demon!”
in the E3 2012 Gameplay.

Hope not… I liked the old “Wort wort wort!” days lol.

A lot of covies have translators and some learn our language just to insult us before they kill us.

> Hope not… I liked the old “Wort wort wort!” days lol.

“Bow chicka honk honk”

I’d rather they only speak English by use of a skull.