Will the characters from glasslands feature?

After finishing glasslands a few months ago, I’ve been wondering this. It would be great to see the guys from glasslands make an appearance, if not in the campaign, then certainly in spartan ops. Some of my favorite characters in the halo universe are from glasslands. (and i am aware of the sequel to glasslands that has been announced)

Naomi for the win!

More than likely. Everything in the last year or two has been leading towards Halo 4.

I just hope TTWar will be on the UK Kindle marketplace. I loved reading Primordium on my Kindle, but Glasslands wasn’t available. :confused:

If not, then I guess I’ll have to get it the old-fashioned way. And read it before Halo 4 launches. The book is out on 2 October.

I sure hope so. Love all the characters in that book. And I swear those guys better not die! Too many awesome heroes have died.

I certainly hope so. I have been craving for some kind of a merge between the video games and books. The story told in the book is so rich and being able to experiance that in a a Halo Game would be a dream come true. I have high hopes for the Campaign and it sounds very possible we could be getting this merge.

Hopefully all the S-IIs show up somewhere in the trilogy, since basically they’re the commanders of the new S-IVs… :smiley: