Will the Champions DLC have achievements?

Just wondering because I think it would be cool to have some new achievements.

As long as the achievements are map pack specific so that they are available to still unlock 3 weeks after release. I hate map pack specific that are impossible to get since the maps don’t show up.

As far as we know, no.

343i has not confirmed or denied achievements so it could go either way.

On a side note, if more achievements do come, Halo 4 would have the most gamer score and achievements out of any Halo game.

I really hope there’s some new achievements!

I hope there are new ones, so long as they aren’t map specific. Ricochet specific FINE!

I only need 1 achievement as it is left in Halo 4 to get. So, more would be great and something else to shoot for.

Hopefully not.
I finished the game weeks ago after hours of frustration with the stupid hardlight shield assassination achievement.
I’ve just started to have fun. More achievements would just make me OCD about getting 100 percent again.