Will The Campaign Retcon Halo 4 And 5?

I’ve just wondered something. Will Infinite’s campaign retcon both Halo 4 and 5 as if they don’t exist? Or will they still be canon?

They’re definitely still canon

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They’re still canon.

no but they will not go deep into 5 for sure. one of the critisisms was the ( for people not familiar with extendet Lore ) confusing story.

Halo 5 is confusing even for those familiar with extended lore.

They already touch on it in the intro of the MP. The commander says something about the Chief, Infinity, and Inst 00 vanishing or something like that, to whoever is on her comms, before she hops on the Pelican.

not being into the extended lore, H3 is where it ends for me. Everything after that is just space man shooting aliens, and I am good with that.