Will the campaign open world be updated?

We haven’t heard anything at all about the campaign or the story since release. That wouldn’t be particularly surprising for a full Halo game released on a 3 year cycle like the original trilogy, but for a live service game and the ten year plan for Halo, I would really have hoped to hear more by now (and to be receiving campaign DLC, at the least, in a few months.)

Do you think that we can expect any updates to the Infinite campaign? When more campaign content comes, do you think they will fully abandon the current campaign world, or will they add on to it?

If they added more to the current open world, what do you think they might add?


If this were about last year I would assume there would be paid expansions that would build on the story and add in new areas, quests, etc. Maybe, for example, an expansion that focuses on The Flood returning to Installation 07. However now I doubt that unless they can monetize it to hell and back with microtransactions they’ll pass on it. Maybe an expansion that would actually include some of the stuff they showed in the original E3 2018 reveal, but at that point you’d be overdosing on hopium. Look’s like we’ll be stuck with the “pACifIc NoRThwESt” area for about the foreseeable five years until they release a new Halo game altogether.


With the state that the base campaign is, they better not monetize any expansions. I paid $60 and got a $30 experience. At least the next 2 should come with that $60 price tag and then maybe I’ll consider spending more.

If they overhaul the current campaign before adding expansions, that would be more fair. Maybe by that time we don’t have to wait for features like co-op/ earnable armor. (Also less obvious cases of cut content.)


Huge agree that they would need to overhaul before adding more.

Sadly I don’t think Microsoft sees things that way. They see that people have purchased the first campaign for $60 and they have that money in the bank, given the state of things I am doubtful that they would then put in time and effort to make those people more satisfied when they can just sell more stuff.

Personally I played campaign on game-pass, assuming I would buy it eventually, but given how unlikely I think it is to be updated, I don’t think I’ll ever pay for it.

I think at this point we should just expect another campaign, for another $60, to release in december 2023 or 2024.

The way I look at this is in relation to what content is being added to the MP side of the game and the overall sandbox.

As they add weapons from the UNSC/Banished/Covenant/Forerunner/Endless(?), I hope they are given to the open world environment or even the already existing linear missions.

Add the DMR? Give it to some marines.
Add the SMG? Bring us ODSTs and give it to them.
Add the Spiker? Give it to most of the Brute Minors.
Add the Beam Rifle? Give it to Jackal Sniper Captains or something.

In regards to other additions, let’s take Extraction for example. This PvE mode could include new variants of Banished forces. Jetpack Brutes, Elite Zealots. ect They should become new or post-game HVTs.

Another is forge. Forge’s boimes will showcase which boimes have been created by 343 and could be used to add new islands to the open world or simply diversify the current islands.

I think there’s are all potential upgrades to the current open world.


Lol nah. From 343? Nah lol.

They aint bungie, who can actually pull that off lol.

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We have seen departures from 343i shortly before and since launch.
The latest was the very person in charge of the company for “reasons”.

It really depends on how things will move forward. I wouldn’t hold out any hope for any content in SP in the entirety of Y2 since they, if they don’t plan to abandon Infinite, will spend most of that time straightening out pipeline and production issues, fix internal workflows etc. When Y3 hits, the game SHOULD be in a stable state so that adding new modes, weapons, content doesn’t break the whole duct-tape construct apart.

I could see them tackle SP by then, with maybe a rolling overhaul of the map.

That’s kind of the only scenario I can see this work out for them in the long run. The other choice is obviously just do the EA thing and abandon ship with Infinite and start from scratch with a Infinite 2 /Halo Next, whatever you wanna call it.

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Sadly I just have a hard time imagining that being implemented. I don’t have a lot of confidence that they could (and would take the time to) safely add the DMR in to the campaign and FOBs.

While I have my share of concerns and issues with the state of MP, which I have voiced in other posts, I will say I enjoyed the campaign thoroughly. I thought the story was well done (I played to 100% completion and that helps flesh out additional details). I really liked the open world and gameplay overall. Sure they could have had it longer and the boss fights could have been a little more inventive, but overall the single player to me felt worth the $70. I would love to have expansions and proper DLC for it, to continue the story further, and yes I would pay for them.

However, it all comes back to MP for me….the issues with desync and severe lack of content I find truly frustrating. I want the MP issues to be resolved and at least properly addressed. Some people have stated leaving the game is the best course of action, “starve them of money and they will see”. Others have said the opposite, “they are understaffed and overworked and they need the influx of money to succeed and get us what we want”. It’s truly a double edged sword, I want fixes and any cash I spend I expect it to be for that (obviously with no control over the outcome). At the same time, I’ve already spent $90 on this game (game and battle passes), and the lack of where it should be functionality and content wise is not fair to the consumers who have financially contributed. I don’t know where I sit in the end, I guess I just want Halo MP to be fun again. This game has “good bones” as they say in the renovation world, but it’s also definitely got cracks in its foundation as well.

I think they might be able to pull it off.

The main reason why Halo Infinite was so short of an experience while it was taking so long to develop is because the entire studio was split among different builds of potential sequels.

Reportedly there were four separate builds being made before the final build version was settle upon and the game development became more focused. There is also some early footage from one of the builds as a cutscene was being made for one of these dropped builds of the game.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZZtFz2n4Lc

But now that only one build of the game exits, development of its DLC expansions should be smoother and more streamlined as there is no question as to how the art direction and such should go.
The only things that should slow production down is if more people keep leaving 343 and empty chairs aren’t being replaced swiftly, the script for Part 2 having a few potential outcomes that need to be settled on a final script version, and possibly another outbreak slowing down production even further.

And thankfully it seems that 343’s problematic people that are the cause of many of the series’ grievances since 2012 are leaving the company.
Honestly, it can only go uphill from here for the campaign.


I really like the idea of them adding more HVT’s. I think the HVT’s had a lot of potential but they should give some of these guys more fitting guards given their position in the Banished (like why is a Brute chieftain being guarded by grunt minors, shouldn’t this guy have like high ranking bodyguards?). They should actually do something with the HVTs to give you more reason to hunt them or at the least they could add in like weekly or monthly HVTs like the Moa statues that reward cosmetics or something so people have a reason to hop back in campaign.

10/10 I agree they should be bringing more weapons into the campaign, the campaign should also benefit from the live service.


I would’ve thought too by now that we would’ve heard something as far as dlc co op for campaign.

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i would love more campaign content because i feel like infinite just has so little to offer, even in the campaign. the open world feels so empty and lifeless, the complete opposite of what we saw from the engine demo, and the banished just wasn’t what i hoped for after Halo wars 2.


I don’t know what they will add but I know what they could add to make the game at least a little better I’m still working on the list though of what I think they should add so I’m not ready to post it yet but it should be soon

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I expected at least some informations in the road map about the campaign.
But we got no information. So i doubt that we will hear soon about campaign expansions.

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there’s still an extenisive list of bugs across the whole game that need resolving so i wouldn’t expect a new campaign expansion for 1 year+

Agreed about HVTs, but I think the most bang for our buck would be re-designing all the FOBs. They are absolutely illogical positions, terrible to fight from, they just make no sense.

The addition of a few other minor npc characters would help too, somehow there are just zero officers in the open world? Even the Reverie, which has lots of marines wandering, just doesn’t feel real, since there is no infrastructure built, no way into the ship, and no officers on site.

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FOB’s are just lazy open world elements.

all they had to do was copy and paste them all over the map and they all do the same things, spawn vehicles and weapons.

open world sucks in halo. semi open with linear bits is what it should’ve been. like the old games. open areas but not massive empty open areas with nothing inbetween.



I loved the open format of ODST, and wouldn’t mind seeing more of that. Making the entire game a massive open world did nothing to improve my experience.

I’m not sure. I mean the game was supposed to have ray tracing and split screen and yet neither happened.

As for campaign dlc I’m not sure about that either since 343i are being slow with the live service model too and with the population severely dropping quite a lot I suspect 343i is probably getting ready to reorganize the team so it can eventually be managed better.

The thing is this game feels unfinished right now and it was unfinished last year so I don’t know when 343i will be ready to focus on any campaign dlc.

Plus with how confusing the Infinite story was…I’d rather they take their time and rethink where there going with the future of the franchise since don’t want anymore ‘fetch’ missions and I want a campaign that actually has different area’s with plenty to do since just having 1 big area with not much in it kind of felt boring.

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