Will The Arbiter Return in Halo Infinite

The Halo Infinite Demo Shows Us That were fighting Brutes and Elites, As Common Solution that this was referencing Halo 2 us kinda true. Except it’s the Banished Brutes, and not the covenant. Brutes, Two things, the arbiter is going to return, And There’s gonna be flood since we’re on a Halo Ring, If 343 were to add this in, This Would change the Pace of Halo Infinite’s Demo Criticism, considering that The Demo Shown, Graphically and Nostalgically, Wasn’t good

Would love to see the Arbiter return to fights the brutes… he does a bit of a vendetta there. Also… we all wanted him & Cheif to shown SOMETHING at the end of H5… even a head nod to each other would’ve been better lol.

I hope so. I hope they change his appearance tho. I never liked how he looked like in h5.

It would be immensely disappointing if he doesn’t appear. Halo 5 teased his reunion with the Chief up until the last scene, and then it ends with that cliffhanger before they get to interact.

Considering the massive cliffhanger of the Chief and Arbiter finally meeting back up at the end of Halo 5, that would be a massive slap in the face to just completely handwaive it and push it to the side.

I hope the Arbiter arrives in a similar fashion like Rtas 'Vadum does in Halo 3. (“Hails Humans, and take heed. This is the carrier, Shadow of Intent. Clear this sector while we deal with the Flood.”)

In Halo: Infinite the Arbiter could appear from a drop pod, and say, “Good to see you, Spartan. We shall clear this area of the Banished. Go. Find your quarry.”