WILL the arbiter return in halo 4?

Will he? You think

I should just copy and paste my answer from the other 2,000 arbiter posts there are.

hes cool. well at least the Arbiter knows that 2000 people care for him

Maybe, he’s returning to the trilogy, but we don’t know when.

Probably not. He has a lot on his hands, and more than likely won’t be joining the chief in Halo 4.

i think he will

I think he should. The arbiter is my favorite character, and is an integral part of the series. I doubt he’d be a huge part of Halo 2 & Halo 3, then just disapper from the franchise. I highly doubt the we’ve seen the lst of the arbiter.

As the Arbiter is busy dealing with imminent civil war and a lack of ressources on his home world, I highly doubt that he’s out and about exploring the galaxy, or that he will be any time soon, espcially in UNSC ships owned by ONI (the ones trying to fuel said civil war).

If we do see him in Halo 4, I would be highly disappointed.