Will someone please help me....

I need help getting one achievement on ODST firefight. Iv not played this for a while but it bugs me that I only need one achievement.

I need the 200,000 points on the chasm ten map in firefight. I come close on my own a few times but just can’t manage it. And all of my friends who I play halo with don’t have this game any more.

It’s not even a difficult achievement to get. But I just can’t do it on my own.

So if there is anyone still out there willing to help me. Let me know. Just need maybe 1 or 2 more people.

Add me if you can. Roundy360


Try getting to Skyyyyyyline below this with his thread marked “200,000 point help”, because he needs help in the same level and he claims he can do it at almost anytime. I might help, I’ll try to see, but I’m trying to help to many people at once on all sorts of Achievements.

If you still need help send me a message on xbl