Will someone please explain how my team was favored to win this match?

I (on the Cobra team) discovered some cool techniques, I believe I should rank higher, but I cannot get past these insanely stacked games, because for some reason TrueSkill thinks that 1 Silver balances out a 1600 Onyx and a Diamond 4.

The match: https://ibb.co/HGYKQr4

Please for the love of god, I am begging you, just reduce the range. FFS. Why?

Every damn game is something like this, and you wonder why there are so many 2v4s and 3v4s… drives me up the wall. Just uninstalled the game… why is no one talking about this? It’s clearly, demonstrably not fair.

This stuff happens over and over and over and over. Does anyone hear any of this? How is this possible? God.

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Previous threads discussing range limits have been swamped with fans demanding their right to “play with mates”.

I’ve noticed a big increase in stacked squads in the last couple of months. Starting with the mid-season reset.

Typically made up of;
1-2 Onyx players (who are aiming to grind CSR).
1 mid range player. Often a smurf.
1 genuinely bad Silver player. The worse the better.

The Silver player sandbags the average rank of the opposition team and allows the Onyx players to score heavily. And it’s ok if they are genuinely a Silver player - you don’t want someone actually doing something that might limit the K/D of the Onyx players.

I went from a Plat 3 to half a Gold 6
I play solo in ranked and the teams I am going against are boosters or teams abusing the MM system, I don’t have to win every game but I do want it to be a bit more even.

It’s gone from frustrating to now when I am bored of the lack fair and fun competitive games

Some very vital information is withheld from us, that being MMR. MMR is the only number that matters in matchmaking. You could literally be a silver with the MMR of a diamond player in the short-term. You aren’t going to rank up if you aren’t playing better than you previously have in average with respect to the skill of your opponents. Facts.

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