Will shoot spartans for invite

Looking for a spartan company.

Little about me:
23, have mic, communicate too much, enjoy alcohol after 9:00 pm frequently. (Noon on weekends)

I enjoy shooting people with weapons that I acquired from punching their buddies.

I’m down with whatever play style the company wants to play, don’t have any Xbox friends and would like to have some people to cry with whenever I run into a wall of tripminenade.

Oh, and I prefer a more mature group.

Gt: Memphisrekoning

You should check out Men of the Man Cannons. We are pretty laid back and just want to have people on to play with as much as possible. We do try to work together and win but there will be no tryouts or required play nights. If you’re interested message me or USAF TRACER either here or on Xbox Live. We are always looking for cool people to play with.

Check out my company and message me for info if you are still looking for one!