Will Season 1 HCS coatings be unlocked from their Kits

When I first booted up Halo infinite, one of the first things I checked out was the store. Some of it was interesting, some of it kinda went over my head, but when I went into the HCS store, I have to say, the different colors that the varying teams had actually had me mesmerized, especially for the AR coating and armor coating. The problem was, the whole thing was effectively locked into the armor kit, making me feel like I wasted my money since I don’t think I’ve used them since. Now we have the Season 2 stuff, and the weapon coatings along with the BR are now released, and they haven’t been put into kits, but they are their own items.

So it begs the question: Will 343 eventually unlock the coatings for the AR and Armor from the kits so we can use them on our Mk7 core (And eventually crosscore)?


Would be nice… I actually like some of those coatings better…

The new ones, most of them over use Black honestly… I’m glad one of them is primary white lol. Also gold coat when we had a gold coat released not too long ago for each core…

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Yeah. Like we don’t even have the NAVI team anymore, and their armor was pretty cool since black and yellow work well together. The Season 2 Cloud 9 didn’t do it for me since they added in those copper accents. The S1 counterpart to that one was way more interesting since Black and Blue are my favorite color combinations other than black and green, which I have fulfilled because of the Deathly Adder coating

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It would be a nice gesture to the customers, so it probably won’t happen.

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My guess is the HCS kits won’t be unlocked because they were aiming for a uniform look; making it a kit preserves the respective team image in a way not dissimilar to trade dress.

They already unlocked the new season kits.

Unlocked how? Do you mean they’re available to buy? Because I think the OP means they want to be able to apply the armour coating to different mark VII combinations of their choosing rather than just the default Spartan core which the kit requires (I think).

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Some user on Reddit had the new optic skin on a custom Spartan and said it isn’t a kit.

S1 still locked but I imagine they’ll fox that retroactively.

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Interesting, thanks. Didn’t realise they’d done that with the season 2 coatings. That’s good then.

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As far as I know, the different kits lock the coatings for the armor, BR, AR, and Sidekick weapons from the Season 1 and Season 2 Playoffs. With any luck, maybe they might pull the coatings away from them. Thats just being optimistic though. They could resell the S1 cosmetics outside the kits and people would likely buy them.

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