Will return king of the hill for Halo 5?

King of the hill is one of the modes of games that fascinated me when it comes to playing Halo and a way that more strange since there is one can have fun with the equipment or also without equipment, we are a classic mode that there is in Halo since Long time ago would not hurt to return it as oddball

I would like to see King of the Hill make a return in future Halo titles! Along with Headhunter and Ricochet? Is that how you spell it?

Technically king of the hill is in halo 5 in the form of a forge game type and I think it’s playable in action sack but other than that it really should be it’s own legit gametype at launch in future titles

Yeah, right now Crazy King is played in Action Sack in a modded The Pit from Halo 3.