Will prior season csr ranks be displayed in stats?

Will prior season CSR rank stats (gold, platinum, diamond, etc) be shown in historical halo 5 stats for each player? I hope
so, including this current “Nov season” that some of us have already worked hard for… At least showing the csr ranks achieved from now(nov 2015) in back up history stats…

At a minimum I would like the prior csr ranks achieved In some sort of backup history page, for later history analysis and to be able to remember some of those hard ranks you worked your butt off for. Some of which ranks may have some great team work memories tied to. Just like in professional competitive sports (baseball, etc), … It’s good to have top reward, ranks, and championship goals to push top teams and to fuel the entertainment of the competition… And then to keep and even display prior season history in the backup as a reward!

Have to balance what’s displayed though, as you don’t want CSR ranks to be used too heavily by bragging bad-bannered top csr players and don’t want to discourage low level csr players.

Could reward emblems at ending of the season that give players option to display their highest csr ranks achieved in prior seasons with perhaps the csr rank shown on emblem (e.g. Silver, gold, diamond, symbol
shown on emblem). Or maybe just show the prior ranks achieved in prior seasons in the backup stats…