Will 'Playtime' be fixed in MCC?

I know there are plenty of ‘high priority’ bugs such as making MM functional.

I was just wondering if playtime will be fixed for MCC? I have roughly 1 day and 10 hours of playtime and my profile says almost 5 days. It also says I have completed over 100 missions (I’ve just cleared each game once on normal). I know many don’t care about this, but I love the random stats for Halo games (achievements, total kills, playtime, etc). Anyone else notice their playtime all screwy? Any word if it will be sorted out?

I had 38 minutes of playtime when I had completed Halo 1, 2 & 3. However, it randomly corrected itself about a week ago to 1 day and something hours. Then I played a mission of Halo 4 and bounced to over 4 days playtime. *shrug

I just hope that playtime, K/D, MM kills / deaths and ranks are all ironed out and reflect reality for what we have already done.