Will Players Return To Halo?

MCC was at lauch more worse then halo infinite now is.

since in MCC a lot of achievements not wane unlock when you have done it right.

the multiplayer was a biger mass.
and a lot off other things i cant remember good was also some big trouble at launch.

Their paid toiletries are not as good as the night at the fort and the maps are not as good as the old halos.
This is the contradiction.
Players who like the current ftb games and are keen to pay their wallets are not satisfied with the service they provide, and old-school halo fans are not satisfied with the payment and lack of content of MP.
As for the return, I think people will come back when they are repaired. After all, we only have the halo of 343, but it is impossible to get him back to the top level. At least 343’s work does not give me hope.

It took many years for MCC to be completely fixed, and now the operation I guess is also outsourced, and now it is a complete and happy game, which is why we often mention it.
But how much time does it take to fix infinite?
I don’t know and infinite is a brand new game, 343 has a bigger promotion for it and a lot of promises that can’t be made, if 343’s strategy remains the same as MCC h45’s update rate,then we can be sure that Halo will be finished.

A lot of players are waiting for Co-Op Campaign to release, as it’s always been a tradition for many to play it for the first time with their friends. Others, like myself, are waiting anxiously for Forge, or any news on what Forge is going to be like.

Did people come back to BF2?
I have no doubt 343 can redeem themselves and this game.

its true that MCC took a long time to be fix good from its problems to make it a good game what you wane see.

but from Halo infinite its a diffrend story.
sure the BTB problems can be fix and some other problems also if we give then the time for it.
but there is 1 big problem that is going to stay for ever in halo infinite since nobody cant fix it since its more a commen problem that is something that not any company cant fix with update’s.

since that problem is thanks to a wrong decision there took and the price you going to pay for it is something a lot off other game’s have now since there took the same decision and pay the ultime price for it that not can be fix any more.

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I’ll play more definitely. I’m not spending money aside from the pass tho and even then it hinges on what season 2 looks like. I’ll give 343 props tho for at least making an effort to listen to us and communicate especially given their crappy holiday launch window.

I just wish they would’ve put more thought into some of this stuff before launch because they had to have known we would’ve been mad. And don’t get me wrong I’m still annoyed put not as much as I was at launch and you can see that in my post history, but they need to work a lot harder to at least please the majority of us.

And MCC is actually a collection of old games, although they claim to have spent a lot of work resetting, but players will not ask too much for MCC games.
But on Infinite, Microsoft has spent a lot of money publicizing 343, announcing that it has
A new engine
Next generation picture
Free, free and numerous customization
And turn Halo into a free game, and turn it back The most popular game.
And then they break their promises and they lie,
I thought I was going to get the ultimate best Halo MP, but it backfired.
The future of the game may be the same as h4h5, and may be the same as MCC, but in any case, I can not see the possibility of returning to the glory of H3.
These exorbitant expectations have been promised by 343 itself, so if it doesn’t return to glory, I would say it’s finished.

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At this point, they almost need to go full Final Fantasy 14 and have a complete re-release. They bungled this so hard, unless it looks all new and performs as it should, people will always see the same game that is busted.

It won’t happen so I think they are going to have a LOT of trouble getting players to return for any amount of time


the only reason halo infinite multiplayer has backfired hard is that there make it F2P that was the stupids decision there have done.

F2P game’s is good to get more players to play it when you need to pay for it to play it and return some old players also to it.
but what there not have see and it seems more not have learn from some other big F2P game’s is that you curse the game also hard with a curse nobody can cure and thats something we see now also in halo infinite so yea.

so in the end will some players return to halo infinite yea.
the only problem it will be more the players that are playing it on the xbox that will return if there chance 1 thing then a lot will return.

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Let’s be honest here, 343i have not given Halo Infinite the best start. The game at launch was disappointing to say the least, they promised a lot of things and didn’t deliver, this can and will have a negative effect on its player base.

Will the majority of players come back? Very doubtful. But, if 343i can turn this around in the next 12 months then I can see an influx of new players and some players who have left returning.

I honestly think, as a legacy player the good old days of Halo 3 have gone, let’s be completely honest 343i are no Bungie, and the days of Halo being the number one game on people’s most played list’s are long gone.

What’s really surprised me is there was no news about player numbers after release, I mean Microsoft couldn’t wait to tell the world Forza Horizon 5 had 12 million player in its first week. But for Halo Infinite there’s been nothing. This can only mean Infinite is underperforming, I have some faith 343i can turn this around, but like I said, the next 12 months are critical.


I don’t know because what 343 did. It’s like halo 5 but the opposite good multiplayer bad story and for halo infinite good story and bad multiplayer. Funny huh.

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When I first heard about Halo becoming FTB, the first thing I felt was their ambition, because the list of the hottest games is now dominated by FTB.
But after I played the game in-depth game, I found that they had a lie about this, becoming FTB only because they can’t catch up, if they sell such semi-finished products full price, then they will get terrible evaluation like 2077 2042.
But now you will find that media celebrities and light players have high opinions of Infinite.
This is the benefit that FTB brings to 343. Make a good first experience of the campaign and then MP’s bad because FTB is forgiven.

Players most likely will not return. Infinite is too sweaty - borderline inaccessible for “casual” Halo players.

I say give Halo Infinite some time.

Anthem was crap at launch, and they made the game work and now it has a more dedicated fanbase.
No Man’s Sky took years with a small team to fix its issues and make the gameplay more compelling.
Cyberpunk 2077 is now playable instead of the crash-heavy game it was at launch.
Fallout New Vegas is regarded by many to be a masterstroke in the franchise, but its launch was like Cyberpunk - Unplayable due to crash issues and glitches that plagued the game until the devs patched it out.

Halo has had a better start than the above games I have mentioned. So I believe that given some time to hammer out the kinks, the game would see fans return. The main issues I see plaguing the game are server desync issues that causes weapons to not respond as they should and splash damage to become a roll of a d20 on whether or not the damage is minimal or a proper output.

In time, this game will be fixed and the allure of Firefight and Forge will bring players back en masse.

when i hear for the first time when halo infinite is becoming a F2P game is i got sings for me that the game is going to fail hard and its going to dooms day way more.
thats what a lot off others also think about it back then.

sure we understand the point from it but the doom sings are something else and are much much worse and the proof was there also with Warzone from cod that its becomming worse for the halo serie’s.

the campaign is good and it has no problems what is for me since its a good campaign what still lack some things but thats something that needs time for it now.

but the multiplayer part has meet its doom senario all.
the only thing i can see what will make it less doom senario then its now is that there need to remove the force crossplay system.
and remove it or chance it to becoming a option then the xbox communety is happy in most part but it will still be crap for the pc communety and thats sadly the truth.

This game is gonna struggle to maintain a healthy population once spring comes.

They want new players who like FTB and are willing to pay for it, so they force cross-play and weaken the controller and strengthen the ar.
I have such players around me, but they are not satisfied, because the content is empty and the decorations are expensive, while full of superfluous and junk decorations.
So far, they haven’t said they want to improve cross-play, and I’ve see leaked the new cosmetics, which I can’t appreciate anyway.
It may take a while to get the players back.

The game is missing a lot I dont see ever coming back.

-no pre/post lobbies, stats, waypoint #s
-fireteams cant play ffa together, custom game party system horrible, ui
-most customization stuck behind paywalls
-ranks are underwelming, no visible ranks/badges, high amount cheaters
-player outlines suck, equipment is bad except grappler.
-high pings, no region selection, no physical bodies, screwed up melee
-btb with how the vehicles work isnt fun like previous games
-no forge, firefight, custom games/ui/fireteam system aint good like previous games
-no push to talk option to bind to specific key on controller


lets go back when this game was still in developing the same with the matchmaking.

we all have see how big the problems are when Warzone was launch at that time since thats also a F2P game.
and the problems are not going away since if you look at Warzone now that there new anti cheat system has been hackt all since there found the code from it.
so there keep having the cheating problem.

so F2P is good for bringing new players to the game but you sent also a invite to cheats that there are welcome to the game.

force crossplay is something the xbox communety has hate since there told that halo infinite also gets the crossplay system most off the xbox communety told before all there hate that idea.
there was only 1 reason there going to accept crossplay in halo infinite and that was it most become a option to turn on/off and not going to accept force crossplay.

there are players that are coming back to halo infinte only there accept 1 thing what needs to be chance and thats something i also accept only to play matchmaking is that there most chance the crossplay system.

so each player there own reason to come back only if there add more map’s or more playlist’s or that something has to be chance first before there are coming back.
or some things need to be fix good.
there are a lot off reasons there wane come back.