Will Players Return To Halo?

Much of these online forums on Waypoint or Reddit can be echo chambers, making folks feel worse about the state of the game. I think by now everyone is well aware of the KEY issues. Desync, Server Issues, In-Game Shop, etc, etc… But what I want to know is: Will the majority of the player base return to Infinite if most (preferably all) of the issues are resolved in a timely manner? If so, how fast do you feel things need to be fixed for the players to return? F2P titles are quickly discarded if the game doesn’t leave a good first impression, and I’ve got a bad feeling that the fan base may never return if fixes are not made IMMEDIATELY.

As a long time Halo player (15ish years) I’d love nothing more than to see Infinite at the very top of the industry, especially for Arena shooters. I think the formula is there. This game is beautiful and has a lot of great pieces but things must be fixed within the next 2 to 3 weeks.


First impressions are very important, and 343 has blown them.

Will some people come back? Sure.

Will the majority come back? Probably not, or at least, not all at the same time. Many may come back at times, find the game isn’t ‘fixed enough’ for their personal grievances and leave again.

Having a good launch is very important. It effectively sets the tone for what the product will be. Most products hit their peak shortly after launch, there is always drop-off, but how long they maintain ‘good’ will depend on how good the product actually is.


Once forge returns, and Custom Games are on the rise; then yeah I can see a mass exodus back into the game.

And of course once they fix the Desync issue.


Agreed to a certain point – Maybe 343 will have to do some damage control and more advertising. Maybe even pay for some streamers to play for a bit. I think a lot of the players can return. But definitlely not all. We were up to 200k on steam around release – and likely way way more on Xbox Game Pass (PC) and consoles. If even 60% of those who left can come back, that would be awesome.

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Personally no. Played halo 2 all the way through 5. Only place I could find information on the game was here. Store didn’t adequately explain what you were getting for your money. They changed the things that made halo halo to me. I don’t want to play halo fortnite I want to play halo. I will go back and play 5 or MCC but won’t purchase this game at all. For older gamers like myself we don’t buy gamepass because sadly with real life we don’t have time to play all the games we pick and choose what we spend our money on. Was able to use the money I would have spent on this game for Horizon 5 premium edition, KH 1.5 and 2.5 remaster, and the newest resident evil. So if your looking for bang for your buck I got 4 games that are complete without issues for the price of one game with tons of issues. Still haven’t had time to thought the new resident evil but know it will be great when I have some more time. Just sadly disappointed as I was really looking forward to a new halo.


@UD_Destroyer99 The Campaign is great, but I understand if you’re hesitant to spend that money. I get pissed at MP a lot as a sweat lord who just wants things to run smoothly… But I will say Campaign is worth it, without a doubt in my mind. They nailed the gameplay

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have heard a lot of mixed things on the campaign. Some love it some hate it. Seen videos of people just spidermaning around the map and it just looks broken to me like that. If MP is tons of people just spidermaning the map and grappling things around just seems like a waste of memory space in my opinion. But people love different things and it seems the younger generations want things like that. At the end of the day they have to sell their product if it sells well the series will continue along these lines but if not then hopefully they will change back. either way just hope Halo as a whole survives.

i think a lot off players are returning after the big problems have been dealt with that a lot off then are returning since the big problems have been fix for most big part.

I can’t speak for anyone else but ill be back if Nd when I feel the game has the content. I’m honestly just here for campaign dlc at this stage and even then im dubious


I’ll return to Halo MP once it feels worth it. I’m also just lingering around to see if any DLC comes out explaining WTF is going on in this new plot.

The problem with Free To Play games is they usually suck at launch, because they give you an unfinished game and fill it with content over several years. Infinite will probably be a lot more fun, stable and have more content if we all played it in a year or even six months instead of right now, today.

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The issue with it being F2P is that halo has never been that so as a result their original fanbase is alienated and feels like they are being ripped off (Not a complete game like we have always got). Especially with a predatory store attached to the game. The people that would have stuck around and played the game for years to come are pissed and leaving or never buying the game at all when they have bought all previous titles from H2 to now.


Will user’s come back to Halo Infinite? Most likely but 343 will have to prove to all of us that they will and SHOW and prove to everyone they have a good product for sale. But not till then!!


Old Halo Players sure. Taking a break and coming back isn’t anything unusual there. Players new to the franchise, I’d be pleasantly surprised if they returned.

These aren’t small issues by any means. Depending on the day, the game can be quite literally unplayable in its current state.

I’ve been burned by games that have turned around and become quite successful, but that bad taste still lingers in my mouth and I haven’t even entertained a thought of returning.

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I think the controversies have caused irreparable damage to the player count, at least to some small degree. New players who would’ve felt comfortable giving the game a shot have been turned away. However, I do think it’s a small amount. I do think a lot of players will return once these issues are ironed out, and there will be some new players who will give it a second chance once they hear things have been fixed. But I’ll say it a million times, players are tired of games launching in an incomplete state, and that goes for content or bugs. Players will return, but not as many as there would have been from the start if this game had launched the way it could’ve been

Yes. I think if people like the gameplay and it’s free there’s not a barrier to entry. So people will probably come back for the expansions.

Plus if they can get two expansions and each one brings extra maps you’re probably looking at doubling the number of maps in the rotation. That, Co-op, potentially forge will make a difference.

My worry is they will do Forge but won’t have custom games browser. That will significantly limit the game. Custom games became its own beast once you had the browser. Before then you have the issue of setting up your own game and inviting people; it also took time to get Forge maps into rotation.

I am hoping that the Forge textures are passable this tome around.

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I’ll be the first to say I absolutely HATED sprint, spartan bash, thruster, and all the spartan abilities. They seemed broken in former Halos, and did not fit. Over time they grew on me a bit, and I understand the game must adapt – The grappler and repulsor are no different This time around I feel as if things are more balanced and the skill gap is pretty high if you want to use these effectively. I like all of the abilities/pickups pretty well…

On that note, I think the game is pretty balanced in general. About the only things I would change in balancing are the Mangler (VERY VERY SLIGHT NERF) and Ravager (BUFF)

Agree big time. I think the custom game browser will be key. The best times I had in Halo were partying up and going into customs together.

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Pretty much the story of MCC. I sometimes see people use its lack of popularity to diss the older titles, but that game had (5ish) years of people coming, realizing it still wasn’t right, and then leaving again. It doesn’t leave a massive population at the end of the day . Thankfully Infinites launch wasn’t remotely as bad, but a ton of damage is already done.

The MCC launch was so bad that I never went back. and I logged nearly 10k games on H3 online, with thousands more on CE and H2 (Including LANs). Massive disappointment.

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I definitely won’t be returning. Three strikes, batter out.