Will people who were unable to complete events due to technical failures get the chance to earn what they missed?

I know that the whole reason event rewards are considered limited-time things is because the events are usually one-and-done deals. however, when you are unable to access an event due to bugs in the game, wouldn’t it be only fair to grant those individuals the chance to earn those rewards later? Two days after the fractures event started in late November, Halo Infinite just stopped working for me until December 4th or so. I never got a chance to complete most of the event challenges because of a glitch or bug beyond my control. 343, I already pay you hundreds of dollars for your content, don’t make people suffer because of your bugged games.

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You’ll have plenty of time to complete it. The event is six weeks long and they just raised the unlocks to ten per week. There are only 30 unlocks. It’ll periodically return throughout the season.

I think they should ESPECIALLY if you’ve submitted a ticket and there was a problem found to prove you were affected and not just trying to get something for free.

They won’t compensate you. There’s a clause when submitting a ticket that they cannot edit, level, pass rank, xp, boosters, etc

Sorry to say mate but they don’t care you had technical issues and that mentality they have sucks. It honestly feels like they don’t care about the player anymore.

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That sounds about right considering who we’re talking about. 343 no longer seems to care in the slightest about the players.

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we have seen 343 acknowledge mass tickets about bugs, and can hand out free stuff (like they did in the beta, they probably don’t do it for individual cases, because it could just be a lazy player tryna get some free stuff, and the bug might be easily fixable) if the problem became too severe and mass tickets were formed. 343 might give it away as compensation, I’m going through a similar ordeal rn with weekly challenges. i do not recommend posting spam tickets, but many people will post about the same issue if it is truly that bad. and 343 should acknowledge the problem and try to fix it.