Will parties match other parties in ranked??

Pretty much title.

In H3 if you went into ranked in a party then matchmaking would put you up against similar sized parties. In H5 that was no longer the case and ruined the competitive integrity.

Do we know how it will work for Infinity yet? Would love to get a solid answer!!

Has anyone heard anything? It’s super important.

i would guess they would keep it the same as in halo 5, while yes it does ruin the competitive aspect a little, its really important to make sure they queue times arent insanely long. and if ur one of the top players searching and searching for another party of 3, it could take forever.

Ya but I always felt that the reason they didn’t in H5 is due to a really small playerbase. That isn’t going to be the case in now that it is on PC and is crossplay. Solo players will be turned off and the playerbase will shrink if games are constantly one sided, IMO.