Will Palmer return?

She’s been missing and another character has seemingly filled her role as Wargames commander. Are we ever going to see Palmer return, or get closure on the outcome of that data pad poem by that unnamed Halo 5 elite?

I know she wasn’t received well at first, but I think that was just a ripple effect of the reception to Halo 4’s sudden breakaway from multiple established forumulas.

Personally I hope she’ll primarily be a side-character in books going forward.
I don’t think they’ve succeeded in making her interesting enough for as much spotlight as she got.

I didn’t mind her in Halo 4. But I’ve liked her less the more media she’s been in.
It feels like Palmer is 2 characters: The one they try to portray, and the one they actually portray.

They put so much effort into trying to tell us she’s this ultimate badass supersoldier, great person and leader.
But she comes across as a powerhungry psychopath.

If the writers embrace her dark side and build from that, then I might actually enjoy the character.
But as she is, I’m just not interested.
But she should at least stay in the background, would be weird if she just vanished from the story

It’s not worth it for a studio to give up character that have spent a lot of resources on.
Palmer and the commander in charge of training the recruits were clearly not in the same category. So she won’t be replaced yet.
The truth about the disappearance of INFINITY and the Endless may take a long time to emerge. Perhaps she will come back then.

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I don’t see her returning. She didn’t seem to have any room to grow as a character and was mostly unlikeable character. I’d rather time be spent on making original unique fun characters. I don’t think we need any more characters that act like Palmer or Del Rio. I miss characters like Sargeant Johnson or Captain Eyes or Mirandi Keyes.