Will multiplayer bots ever be able to use vehicles?

Concern over the bots inability to use vehicles, even as passengers, was brought up in the flights. And now, with this “beta”, bots STILL won’t use vehicles in any way.

This is pretty worrying, to be quite honest.


Shhhhh, we must not let them evolve.

I agree bots should be able to use vehicles and turrets. Also the maximum number of bots should also be able to be increased.

Idk, if they could it would just make most of us look bad haha. (<- in the iRacing forums we’d make this pink text to indicate sarcasm)

I’d love to see bots do more work like drive vehicles both ground and air (even turrets), they are too limited because of that even on spartan difficulty. I’d love to see 343 fix that little shenanigan among the other bot problem (the apparent limit of 8 bots in custom games).

But whatever you do, don’t make them drive like Kat. Remember Reach…